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 If you should produce amalgam traps, capsules, wipes, or filters, please do not place them in the regulated medical waste container. Please utilize an amalgam container designed to hold hazardous amalgam wastes. We are an exclusive supplier of Medentex Amalgam Waste containers with specialized vapor guard lids. We have several size options to fit the needs of your office.  

Dental practices are responsible for the highest amounts of mercury release into the environment accounting for 28.5 tons in 2016. Dentists discharged approximately 5.1 tons of mercury each year into public owned wastewater treatment facilities. Most of this mercury is subsequently released to the environment, according to EPA estimations. The recently passed EPA rule will require all dental offices to install an amalgam separator and responsibly recycle their amalgam waste with a certified company. 

EPA Rule 40 CFR Part 441

Environmental Protection

 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation on the use of amalgam separators is effective as of July 14, 2017 with the must comply date being July 14, 2020. Amalgam separators remove amalgam particles from the wastewater to reduce the amount of amalgam entering water streams.  Dental offices that place or remove amalgam must operate and maintain an amalgam separator and must not discharge scrap amalgam or use certain kinds of line cleaners. 

The American Dental Association has a great website outlining Best Practices for managing amalgam wastes in your facility. Click the action button below to visit their page. 

Amalgam Best Practices

Medentex Amalgam Waste Containers

Amalgam Waste

  • Featuring patented mercury vapor suppressant medentovap®
  • Secure handling and storage of all amalgam waste
  • UN/DOT approved for safe and proper waste transport
  • Return shipping, recycling and recycling certificate included
  • Different sizes tailored to fit your needs

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Medentex Amalgam Separator

Amalgam Separator

  •  Reliable amalgam separation solution for your dental office
  • Flexible Installation
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Separates 99.7% of the amalgam out of your waste water
  • Combined with our Silver Service package, the amalsed Silver provides full compliance
  • Large tank capacity
  • Universal, industry-standard connection
  • NSF certified (ISO 11143:2008)

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